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Hirai Ken Official World Fan Club Kh (+) Membership Agreement

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This agreement is based on Japanese law.
If you are a member of Ken Hirai Official Fan Club Kh (+) which is presided over by PINUPS artist Co., Ltd.,
all the arrangements in the member organization shall be in accordance with these Terms even if the Terms are not applicable in your country.
Also, these Terms may be changed without the consent of the Member.

Article 1 (Purpose and services, etc.)
  1. This convention (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") is, PINUPS artist Co., Ltd. Hirai Ken official to preside over fan club Kh (+) member organizations (hereinafter, referred to as the "Society".) Of recruiting members , such as providing admission individuals of the member for various goods and services sold or events held information and benefits related to such as, various types of services (hereinafter referred to as defined in each of the following items, referred to as the "service" ), and it is a convention which member it is an object of the present invention to define the membership rights and other terms and conditions for use for a fee.
    1. Use of the fan club members only content (issue of password)
    2. Prior-Priority Member Application Of The Guidance Of Live Concerts And Various Events (Does Not Mean Necessarily Be Able To Secure A Ticket. Depending On The Form Of A Concert, You Might Priority Reservation Is Not Performed.)
    3. In addition, various types of services the Society provides planning,
    ※ 1, The Benefits Are Subject To Change Without Notice.
    ※ 2, Always Like To Be Give You Provide The Latest Information, To Your Registered PC E-Mail Address Or Mobile Phone E-Mail Address Is In Everyone Of The Member, Thank You Your Cooperation For. It Should Be Noted That The Complaint In The Case Where Information Is Not Underserved By Unregistered Or Incorrect Registration And Reception Settings Of The E-Mail Address Please Refrain From.
  2. Membership Upon Admission And Membership Continued To Society, You Pay The Membership Fee Of The Following To The Society. However, The Membership Fee, Members (Hereinafter Referred To As "Individual Service") Individual Goods And Services Consideration To Purchase Is Not Included At All . In Addition, Once Paid Membership Fees, Etc., Also A Membership Card, Etc. Not Be Allowed To Join From The Beginning Is Once In Admission Examination, Except The Only Case That Has Not Been Issued To The Member, Regardless Of The Reason , Not All Refund.
    [Session] Year Members And The Term Of Membership: You From The Admission Date To The Last Day Of The Month After One Year
    (1) Annual Fee: ¥ 5,300(JPY, Tax Included)
    Fee Payment Method Membership:. You In It To Pay All At Once In Your Procedure By Credit Settlement And Procedures Completed Transfer Fee Other Procedural Fee, Etc. At The Time Of Your Procedure, You Have A Member Burden.
  3. Society is, without obtaining the notification, consent to the member, in any even the during the exhibition, the type of payment methods such as setting and membership fees, such as the Society of the organization names and membership fees, service content (hereinafter referred As To "Services, Etc." And It Says.) And Those That Can Be Changed At Any Time, And The Member Shall Receive A Service, Such As After The Change. However, Members Refused To Receive The Service, Such As After The change presents the will, or even if you leave during the session Society does not do the return of the membership fee, such as not responsible.
  4. Society Is, Without Obtaining The Notification, Consent To A Member, You Can Exit A Part Of This Service, Such As In Any Even The During The Exhibition Or Discontinued. However, Members Rejected It Presents The Will, Or Even If You Leave During The Session, The Society Assumes No Liability And Will Not Be Returned, Such As Membership Fees. Further, By The Society Discretion When To Terminate Part Of The Service, And One Which The Continued Service Of Some Non-Service Service To Replace A Portion Of The service ended was for or ended implementation, Member No Moshinobe any objection about the service and the content of each service that alternative service, or to continue.
  5. Society, at any time change, such as a service, stop, upon termination, and notification to members in advance or post.
  6. All Of The For Society Of Operations And Management, PINUPS Artist Co., Ltd. Is Will Be Conducted. However, The Society, Without Obtaining Consent From Members, Terms To Any, It Is Assumed That It Is Possible To Change The Contractors Concerning The Society of operation and management, to members in advance or post when there is change reports.
  7. Society And PINUPS Co. Artist For Any Such Inquiries, As Well As Opinions About The Society And This Service, Please Kikiawase You Until Ltd .. However, I Am Afraid That I Can Not Accept For Inquiries That Are Determined To Lead And Act In Blasphemy , Defamation Against The Company And Individuals. In Addition, These By, If It Is Determined That Me And Interference, Of The Person In Question, The Presence Management And Operations Related To The Person In Question, If Not Included In The Terms And Conditions Described in Section 4 of the Terms, or after withdrawal even to apply the Article.
Article 2 (change, etc.)
  1. Society Is, Without Obtaining The Notification, Consent To The Member, To Revise This Agreement To Any, Add, And What Can Be Deleted Or Changed, Members Will Follow The Terms Of Revised. The Efficacy Of This Agreement After The Revision, It Has A point in time in which the Terms have been uploaded time or individually mailed or handed in on the Society Web site.
Article 3 (admission and continued, etc.)
  1. Member of the Prospective Member and continue seekers to the Society (hereinafter referred to as the "Society applicant"), the procedures necessary to continue, and as prescribed below.
    1. Society applicant, the content of the present Terms sure enough, I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    2. Society applicant is, based on this agreement. No. 1, paragraph 2 4, the registration of information along with the payment of dues Society "name, address, telephone number, date of birth, occupation and e-mail address, etc." to request conduct (as described, input or report) as a membership application completed by paying a membership fee, and the like.
    3. Society will review, offers a service to authorized applicants.
  2. To The Society Registration, Will Be The Proof Of The Society Member Was Recognized With A Grant Of Membership Number.
    (Effect Of The Provisions Member Out Of Period Or The Society After The End Of The Membership Number (Including A Membership Card, Etc.) It will be disabled at all.)
  3. Purchase information of individual service by the members of the post-enrollment, each information of paragraph 1 No. 2 (This information will include the information associated with the purchase information of the individual service) in conjunction member information (hereinafter, collectively referred to as "Personal Information" and it says) as will be the Terms and Conditions of the subject.
Article 4 (subscription application is not permitted-member rights cancellation, etc.)
  1. Society, upon applicant membership application or continuation application, when it is determined that corresponds to any set forth in each of the following items, you can be or cancellation does not allow the admission and continuation procedures.
    1. When the person who was to become a member or continuation application is non-existent
    2. When the person who has made a membership or continuation application is a corporation
    3. Even though the Society for the contents of the admission or continuation application there is a mis-fill or fill out leakage, such as the contents of the time-admission or continuation application there is a misstatement to requests corrective corrections or omissions, we do not comply with this when
    4. When you neglect or pay the payment of membership fees, etc. and other usage fees for other services at the time, the Society there is no payment of membership fees at the time of the membership or continuation application is sometimes the delay
    5. When you have received in the past violations is when or membership or permitted without or admission or continued application of the continuation application is canceled or expulsion disposal of this Agreement, such as
    6. In addition to the above, by the Society rational reason, when it is determined that the inappropriate to the provision of the service to the applicant
    7. Not follow the ask and attention from the fan club side, fan club operational, when it is determined that the detrimental
  2. Even after you allow the admission or continuation application to the Society for the applicant, when the Society is determined that it is reasonably suspected that fall into either of the events set forth in the preceding paragraph to the member or the relevant you can cancel or expulsion disposal to become a member.
Article 5 (Notification of member registration information change)
  1. Moving in, such as your name, postal code, address, phone number, if the e-mail address has changed, please be sure to make changes procedure of personal data on the Web site members in the page.
  2. Such as by members neglect the notification of change, as well as the member has suffered a disadvantage, Society does not assume any responsibility at all.
Article 6 (Withdrawal)

Membership is when it falls under any of the grounds specified in the following is considered a withdrawal.

  1. After The Exhibition, When You Do Not Pay The Membership Fee For The Next Session, It Assumes That You Leave At The Time Of The End Of The Show.
    Members Like Personal Information That Only One Month Expiration Date, "Personal Information Protection Policy And Personal information Terms (Kh (+) privacy policy) "will be properly discarded based on./li>
  2. A Member Dies When. Status Of This Member Will Leave At The Time Of Death And Oneself Exclusive.
Article 7 (the responsibility of the Member, etc.)
  1. Member communications equipment that is required such as to obtain various types of information on the services, software, communication connection environment, for all other equipment required in association with these, prepare all at their own expense and responsibility To do.
  2. Members, when the results in other disputes other members or other third parties and the trouble is with respect to the use of this service, membership is assumed to process and resolve with the self-responsibility and cost, any burden and to the Society junk must Be Over Not. Society Unless There Defaults Which Together Cause In Itself, For All Of The Damage Caused To The Member, You Spared From Any Of Damages Obligation Not Assume Any Responsibility.
  3. Members in connection with the Service, the Society intentionally or negligently, contractors, when given the damage to the other members or other third parties, have a self-responsibility and cost, to compensate for the damage we want things.
Article 8 (transfer of rights)

Member for the rights set forth in the rights other Society in the planning based on the member status and the Terms, etc., and transfer it to a third party, lend, and licensed to use, modify, rent or lease the name or pledge disposal act such as subjected to other collateral such as setting can not be at all.

Article 9 (right attribution, etc.)

Content in this service, program, such as the design of the Web site, for goods or services that may be provided in relation to this service, copyright and other rights, Society or PINUPS artist Co., Ltd. or management to the Society it It belongs to the copyright owner to delegate.

Article 10 (Prohibitions)

Members, in connection with the offer or receipt of the Society of the activity or the Service, you are prohibited from any of the acts specified in each item below.

  1. That report false information to the Society at the time of the change of membership of the registration matters
  2. Past that or enrollment and continuation rejection there is a violation of this Agreement or the like, despite the fact that has been disposed of admission and continuing cancellation or expulsion, that you do not notice these
  3. Society or PINUPS artist Co., Ltd. or other members and third-party copyright and trademark rights, publicity rights other intellectual property, privacy, portrait rights, honor addition to the moral rights of, trade secrets or property rights infringe any of the rights or interests of such or use it to
  4. Pretending it or to others to use the personal information of members to third parties other than the member to receive this service
  5. Member status, the Society, such as the content in this service or this service, for any related to the Society or the service, which the individual or corporation or other the member or the member to use without permission to the Society is concerned profit activities of the organization, operating activities, be used in advertising activities and preparatory activities of these
  6. Society, the Services, for any information about the member or the Society or contractors, be tampered with or deleted this
  7. Pre-exercise of election, election campaign, other political activities or acts or religious propaganda act of similar to these, religious act, to the religious activities of solicitation, such as to the establishment and organization activities or religious groups of religious groups
  8. Be a solicitation or publicity stunt to individuals or corporation or other organization
  9. Transfer of membership, buy and sell, license, be an act or change of name or name lending such as subjected to collateral
  10. Personal information or the Society does not expose Society or the Society of information to obtain information about the service, and tampering, to erase or disclose
  11. Unauthorized access, be an act of upload hacking, such as tampering, unauthorized program to the Society or the Service
  12. To other members or to a third party, such as e-mail to request a spam harassment mail chain of mail transfer, others act or advertising and to send and transfer the embracing or e-mail with the fear a sense of aversion to send and transfer e-mail advertising and solicitation, etc.
  13. Acts of criminal acts or public order violation
  14. Before addition to the acts specified in each item, be an act of damage have a nuisance to or Society or other member to interfere with the smooth operation of the Society or the Service
  15. Support the acts prescribed the preceding items, advertising, recommended, that you and other assistance activities such as put a solicitation or link
  16. Before despite the discontinuation or corrective action or actions suspected that provided for in each item of the Society obtained, which was rejected, take measures such as not or is left not answer or shall take these measures It is an act of suspected
Article 11 (violations)
  1. Society, when the member in the preceding article act falling under any one of the prohibited acts set forth in each item (hereinafter referred to as the "violation") is arbitrarily to determine if there is, with respect to the member, of the following Is Possible To It Selectively Or Superimposed To Implement The Disposal Stipulated In Each Item. However, The Society Is Not Intended Disposal To Such Violation Is Required.
    1. Recommendations of the discontinuation of the violation of the member
    2. Request to participate in consultations with third parties that are suspected to have received a received or damage damage
    3. Delete request, such as e-mail or data the members to the sending or display
    4. Without prior notice, consent, delete disposal such as e-mail or data the members to the sending or display
    5. Cutting of the link of prior notice, consent not to
    6. Expulsion disposal of prior notice, consent not to
    7. To provide information with respect to violations of the member or that the person, as well as relevant organizations the personal information of members suspected victim or the victim suspected
  2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, also the Society will be able to expel dispose of the member when there are grounds provided for in Article 4 to the member.
  3. Members, In Advance And Accept That You Do Not Seek Damages Not Moshinobe Be Any Objection To The Society Of Disposal Decision Is Provided For In The Preceding Paragraphs. The Society, Even When That Caused The Damage To The Other Member Or A Third Party By The violation by the member, will escape its responsibility.
  4. If the member has committed a violation, when there is accrued liabilities under this Agreement or the like to the member is, naturally lose the benefit of time and without notification from the Society, immediately pay the amount owed in full, other damages There will compensate immediately the damage when that occurs.
Article 12 (use of personal information)
  1. Society (including contractors. In this section you were the same below), the personal information of members, in addition to verify the identity of the operation and provided to or membership of this service, only for the purposes set forth below, this is free of charge in can be held to be used.
    1. To implement a contract basis Society or the service, the purpose of providing personal information to contractors
    2. Individual purpose other than the above that with the consent of the member
  2. After members of the withdrawal also, as long as the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the Society during the period in need thereof, it can be used to hold the personal information of members.
Article 13 (editing of personal information, delete, etc.)
  1. Society (and the same following in including. This section the contractors) is, in any and free of charge within the scope of the purpose set forth in the preceding article, if necessary, edited and revised and personal information in an appropriate item-by -item of the content and format you can replicate.
  2. Society, on the needs of the operation or maintenance of this service response, by any of its decision, you can delete the whole or a part thereof of the personal information of members who have membership or withdrawal to or expulsion disposal.
Article 14 (of the disclosure of personal information, etc.)
  1. Personal information of the members, except as provided below, the Society (including contractors. You were the same or less in this section) does not disclose this to the outside.
    1. When the members agreed.
    2. Court, bar association, when from the police station, the Public Prosecutor's Office and other government agencies were asked to disclose and submit on the basis of the authority of the legal
    3. Member or when it is necessary to protect the vital interests such as public life, health and property
    4. When the disclosure to the outside are scheduled in the use provided for in Article 12
    5. Others, when it is determined that there is an urgent need in order to operate and manage the Society or the Service
  2. If the personal information of members, the hacker such as the Society or PINUPS artist Co., is disclosed, used by misconduct by a person other than contractor employees about Ltd. or management, which is damage to the member or a third party has occurred also, the Society does not assume any responsibility.
Article 15 (interruption of the Service)
  1. This service, if any of the following items has occurred, you may be interrupted without prior notice to members, the provision of temporary services.
    1. In order to provide this service, when the regular or emergency maintenance of the system
    2. Natural disasters, fire, power failure, riot, by the server to stop, etc., when the Society has become difficult to not be able to provide or provide the Services
    3. When the Society, at the discretion of the operational or technique of the present service, temporary interruption of the service is determined to require
  2. Society, by the interruption of the provision of the services set forth in the preceding paragraph, without incurring an obligation to compensate for this even in the event that damage to the member or a third party, and does not refund such as membership fee.
Article 16 (Disclaimer, etc.)
  1. Society, for the reasons specified in each item of the following, we escaped the all the responsibilities
    1. Disclaimer reasons specified in the terms of this Agreement
    2. Changes to the Terms, etc.
    3. Change or interruption or part of the termination or discontinuance of the Service
    4. Disorders such as difficult-to-access, video of deterioration with respect to the present service
    5. Not Provision of the Services by natural disaster or other force majeure
    6. Discontinuation of the Services by administrative guidance, etc.
    7. Site and content of resources other than the Society of the case that are linked from the site about this service to other sites or content, content, products and services of the availability and the link source or advertising content at all, such as
    8. Delay Of The Provision Of The Services
      , However, To Receive A Disclaimer Of This Issue, Within Six Weeks Or Delay After Before The Provision Of The Service Is To Delay, About The Time When The Facts And Delay Of The Delay To Members Is Eliminated It was notified by the appropriate method, and shall require that the delay is eliminated by any method within three months after notification.
    9. Illegal action by the applicant or member
    10. Non-guaranteed matters specified in paragraph 2
  2. Society is, I do not do the following warranty.
    1. All of the operation guarantee for all of the equipment and software used by the member
Article 17 (Governing Law)

Interpretation and effect or the like of the present Terms, etc., with regard to any of these Terms, etc., to apply the only Japanese law.

Article 18 (exclusive jurisdiction of the Court)

Per Disputes Relating To This Agreement, Or The Like, Or This Service, When Resolved In The Trial, And The Tokyo District Court Of First Instance Exclusive Jurisdiction Of The Courts.
Supplementary: This Agreement Shall Be Agreed Upon Admission, It Has A Membership At Same Time Effective The. However, If This Agreement Has Been Revised To Apply The Terms Of The Revised Priority.

5 May 2018 Revised