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Privacy Policy

PINUPS artist Co., Ltd. Is To Understand That It Is The Asset Personal Information Is Important In The Communication Society Of Today,
To Deal With Personal Information Correctly Recognizes That It Is Our Important Responsibility, Personal Information Based On The Following Policy We Will To Protect Strive.

No1.Compliance With Laws And Regulations Regarding to Protecting Personal information's.
The Company, In Compliance With Laws And Regulations And Other Norms For The Protection Of Personal Information, Will Handle Personal Information Properly.

No2.Acquisition Of The Personal Information
by the Company to obtain personal information, an effort to clarify the purpose of use, by lawful and fair means, to obtain personal information.

No3.The use of personal Information
The Company, The Provision Of Services, You May Want To Use To The Extent Necessary Your Personal Information Within The Extent Necessary For Such As Various Types Of Questionnaire.
Also, If You Want To Entrust The Handling Of Personal About A Third Information Party Is Entrusted Only To Companies That Have Entered Into The Company And Confidentiality Agreement,
Do The Supervision To Become A Proper Use Of Personal Information.

No4.A Third Party Provides Personal Information
The Company, Except As Permitted By Law , It Will Not Be Provided To Third Parties Without Obtaining Prior Consent Of The Person Your Personal Information.

No5.Protect personal informations.
The company use newest security system to protection all
Personal informations.The company has complied in all material
Respects with laws applicable to the company.
The Company use maximum security to protect from scammer or fraud,lost or stoolen identity.

PINUPS artist Co., Ltd. Representative Director Chinone HiroshiYasushi